Trip to the Mama Land

4 Inverness Street
London, NW1 7HJ

Located on the catwalk of Camden Town, Ma Petite Jamaica is one of the new editions to the North London restaurant scene, offering an authentic taste of tropics.

Sunday Nights at the Shard

The Shard
32 London Bridge St

As 2015 was drawing to a close, it was time for another meet up with my bookclub girls, to review our 2015 achievements and stretch ourselves with 2016 goals.

On Sunday evening, we headed to Oblix Lounge and Bar on the 32 floor of The Shard. 
Wait - we know what you're thinking.. with The Shard famous for its panoramic views of London, being the tallest building in London and home to the Shangri-La Hotel charing £1000+ per night for a room - the lounge must charge a fortune to eat. Wrong!

Smokey or Salty?

So last week, we had the pleasure of joining Smoke ‘n’ Salt at their first Supper Club, hosted at Barber and Parlour Shoreditch.

This creative Shoreditch hideaway is home to: Cheeky Hair, Nails, Neville Barbers, Barlour and Parlour Kitchen, Electric Cinema; and tonight, Supper Club!

Oh, hey Joe!

Joe's Southern Kitchen and Bar
300 Kentish Town Road
So the journey continues, as a sucker for some succulent fried chicken, I'm always on the hunt for places that match my stateside experiences. With a catch up pending, what better opportunity to sample Joe’s Southern Kitchen and Bar in Kentish Town. 

Living My Life Like It's Golden

17 Bruton Street
London, W1J 6QB

It has become a yearly tradition that whenever we celebrate our birthdays, the celebrations far surpass just the day. Whether it’s a week, month or smaller random celebrations throughout the year, life really is a blessing and we are firm believers that we should celebrate it at any given opportunity; and what better way of doing so by doing some of our favourite things – EATING!

Quarter Life Crisis - Exhale

Yes, Quarter (25years)

I was particularly taken aback, when whilst on a hunt for the perfect 25th Birthday Card for my friends birthday (first of many) there were no cards to mark, what for us, was a momentous occasion.

Maybe 25th Birthdays weren't so special after all? Can't be! If not, why were so many of us having quarter life crisises?

Fresh Local Produce

10-12 The Green
Winchmore Hill
N21 1AY
Like many areas of life, there is this massive misconception that the further you go, the better things get; or as some would say, the grass is always greener on the other side. 

Our latest spot proved just the opposite. Easily one of the best places I have visited, delivering on all fronts: quality, staff, service, taste, ambience, locality even down to parking/transportation links! So lets get into it...

Autumn Press

Hubbard and Bell
199 - 206 High Holborn
London WC1V 7BW
The message of eating and drinking clean has been pumped into us over the last 5 years, and once the juice craze poured over from the states, it became a lot more realistic to enjoy our ‘5 a day’. With all its health benefits, juicing has surely become one of the many ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle without relying solely on exercise or drastic diets plans.

WordOfMouthLDN’s Guide to NYC – Tell ‘em we sent ya!

View from Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory.
Photo Credit: +WordOfMouth LDN 

Disclaimer (if you didn’t already know) New York is a dope city! There’s so much to do, interesting people to meet, places to visit and most importantly places to eat! Having spent the summer there, we thought we'd put together foodie guide including some of our favourite places to help navigate your taste buds through the concrete jungle! It's a fast paced, forever changing and innovating city so whilst this list is inclusive of some of our favourites, we have previously shared others in our other posts.

Middle Eastern Europe

Hakkasan Hanway
8 Hanway Place
London, W1T 1HD
Looking back over our foodie experiences; spending our 1st birthday at Hakkasan was definitely a highlight so we were delighted to be invited back to celebrate the launch of their new opening in Greece.

Bills Bills Bills...

Instagram: @wordofmouthldn

There’s always an excuse to eat out whether it’s birthdays, overdue meet ups, spontaneous dinners or when you just can't be bothered to cook and need some girly time (our favourite!).

We grew out of the whole clubbing/raving scene 'prematurely' so restaurants became our thing pretty early in our teenage years. It’s cheeky for us to even say 'restaurants' because in all honesty we frequented TGI Fridays, Nandos and Pizza Hut - fancy huh? Joking! But you've got to start somewhere right?


Taste of London Festival
Regents Park

Festival season is well and truly upon us and with all the great acts performing across the country, our favourite headliner is without a doubt, always ‘FOOD’.

Soul Food Sundays ...

328 Malcolm X Boulevard
Harlem, New York
Like most "urban" areas of New York City, gentrification is at an all time high.

Areas of Brooklyn have changed their look and feel, and similarly to Harlem; they have both now become home to a much more diverse crowd. Rent rises mean Harlem natives are being forced out of their historical 'hoods' into more redeveloped areas, the same goes for Brooklyn - but that’s a post in itself.

Bottoms Up! Bottomless Brunch - NY

120 Essex St
New York, NY
One of the main reasons that I am totally obsessed with this city (New York) is because of all the free-spirited, highly talented creatives racing through the streets all hours of the day and night. Meaning you have the potential to bump into literally anyone, anywhere.

I'm at Joe Allen's

13 Exeter Street, London WC2E 7DT
In continuation from last weeks post, this month’s #nationalburgermonth post comes from dining at Joe Allen. This underground hideaway is located in between some of London’s most infamous theatres and is well known for pre or post theatre dinner. With just a small sign poking out from the brickwork, Joe Allen ushers its diners into a 1950’s theatrical eatery, with pictures of well known actors, actresses and stage characters.

Kua 'Aina Mami

Kua 'Aina
40 Goodge Street, W1T 2QP
So for the next 3 weeks, it’s burgers only on the menu in aid of #Nationalburgermonth and what better way to get things started than to head to one of the worlds most picturesque paradises, Hawaii.


Soho Kitchen and Bar
19-21 Old Compton Street

Now that Jamelia's in NYC, my foodie dates have become awfully lonely but a good meal in and of itself is always great company (no shade Jam). This week however, I headed to a spot in one of London’s most thriving and diverse situations, Soho. Soho Kitchen and Bar, located along the iconic Old Compton Street, this Soho House owned buzzing restaurant is an ideal spot for after work. Tonight’s date alongside dinner, is mi Madre.

Sister Sister

Grand Luxe Café

Many of our favourite restaurants have 'sister' restaurants which vary in their menu options, if you're lucky they sometimes vary in flavour but both maintain a consistent brand image just to remind you that they are in fact a part of a larger family ... Take Turtle Bay as an example sister to Las Iguanas.

So on a bright Sunday evening I decided to head to The Cheesecake Factory in New Jersey. With the car park overflowing (apparently homemade Sunday dinner is a thing of the past here) and with an hour waiting time, it was suggested that we try "Grand Luxe Café" a sister of The Cheesecake Factory.

WOM takes NYC


WordOfMouthLDN has been on quite the journey this past year, we’ve really started to uncover some of London’s gems by travelling on a virtual holiday, tasting the many flavours of the globe.

I'm not fussy, I'm just Pesci

Prawn & Chili Linguine, Garlic & Rocket
Granger & Co.

By my final year of uni I had officially had enough; with the stress from exams loading up I had grown tired of doctors prescribing steroid creams with ambiguous side effects, I decided that it was time I worked from the inside out and researched the best diet to heal my skin.

So while I'd love to confess that I gave up meat to combat animal cruelty, deforestation caused by the need for more space to house livestock or some other nobel ethical reason. Unfortunately my initial reason for adopting a pescetarian (also called pesco-vegetarian diet) was what some would consider to be pretty shallow - purely for aesthetic reasons. 

I have been a victim of eczema from birth - yes victim because it is a seriously irritating dry skin condition which like a bad smell continues to come back with a vengeance - until I changed my diet.

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

We cannot believe it has been a whole year since we started sharing our dining experiences with you, in order to save you the hassle of finding great places to dine in the capital. We’ve also used it as another creative outlet for ourselves, and a time to further develop our sisterly bond… any excuse to eat out really!

Messy Friday Nights

74 Welbeck Street
London, W1G 0BA

Central London has a wide array of food establishments to choose from, and usually our hunger needs can be catered to within a 5 mile radius however this one night, I found a dark, mysterious cave hidden in the back streets of the busy city...

Five Guys and A Girl

71 Upper Street, 
Islington, London 
N1 0NY

For years I have been particularly envious of those able to eat from 'The best burger place in America' Five Guys.

The aroma can be smelt from far and wide, made even more attractive by the very American branding with signature and eye grabbing brand colours.

The concept it simple, straightforward and worth the wait; although the price - I must admit is a little bit of a stretch. With a Burger, Cajun Chips and a drink totalling almost £15 it is tempting to complain, and feel cheated in comparison to alternatives such as McDonalds but once you taste their burgers and chips it is clear that there simply is no competition.

Happy Chinese New Year!

8 Hanway Place,
London W1T 1HD

Having celebrated our 1st birthday recently, (who knew that the Chinese New Year coincided perfectly?) we 
couldn’t have asked for a more exciting time celebrate a year into our food journey. Chinese New Year is one of the most vibrant, colourful and cultured celebrations, and we were absolutely delighted to find out that Hakkasan had a special menu for the occasion with special cocktails to perfectly kick off its Cantonese flavours.
Mother to one of our all time favourites, Yautacha, Hakkasan keeps the consistent low lighting, modern, oriental theme seamless, but invites a slightly older crowd into its underground haven.

Its All About Location

354-356 Green Lanes, Palmers Green,
N13 5TJ
Like almost every other human being on the globe, I set new New Years resolutions every New Year. Sadly statistics suggest that only 8% of people who set these resolutions actually achieve and stick to them. So to make sure that I am a part of the 8% club year after year, I set my goals a little earlier than most (Oct/Nov) to make sure that I get well into the swing of things ahead of the New Year.

With my love affair with food not coming to an end anytime soon, I decided I really needed to get serious about my fitness, as after all pizza, waffles and cocktails never got anyone tight abs! So I joined the gym in November and have managed to maintain my schedule so much so that has become habitual.

Only problem is, there is a lovely, cost-friendly, service with a smile, Italian restaurant almost next door to the gym. Go figure...

Booster Seat

A high street or shopping centre near you..

Staying on the clean streak, this weeks bitesize post deals with ‘drinking clean’.
While the importance of healthy living is being drilled into us more intensely, the cost (financially) is not as enticing. 

Cheap n Cheerful!

Vital Ingredient
Butternut, Lentil 

and Spinach Soup

Working in the city, lunchtime goes one of two ways: either you are REALLY excited for lunch and can’t wait to try somewhere new, or you are utterly bored of the repetitive options.

Elusive Exclusive

Lobster Kitchen
111 Great Russell Street

This week I really fancied lobster, and lobster specifically. Not seafood – lobster! The obvious choice is Burger and Lobster, one of the only places in London you can pay £20 for a full lobster but going against the norm is always fun right? 

Every'ting' Irie!

16 The High Street,
W5 5DB
So it's a Saturday, time for a bi-monthly catch up with some girlfriends. The weather outside is cold, miserable and on an empty stomach I too was feeling the exact same way.

Stuck on where to eat, being the foodie of the group I suggested we try out Turtle Bay following a recommendation from Alex of All4Thoughts.  

Thank you 2014; Hey There 2015!


2014 was an insighful and eye opening year for us. The opening chapters of WordOfMouthLDN have taken us on a world tour without the jet lag, exploring the capital in search of the best restaurants and dining experiences for people just like us (you!).

A British Classic

30 Hawley Crescent

Another wet, windy and worriedly cold day in the capital calls for one type of cuisine - COMFORT FOOD. Britain is iconic for its dishes dunked in oil or buried in butter before it hits the china. As well as this, when the temperature is at a high of 2 degrees, a light dinner just won’t suffice. So what better than a good ol’  fish and chips to seal the deal?

Pesci Pick of the Week

Salmon Teriyaki
Being a pescatarian (a noun used to describe a person who only eats fish as their main source of protein), I am often questioned on how difficult it is finding food on the go. 

Try The Chai

At a Costa near you...
With winter well and truly here, there is no doubt that eating clean is getting increasingly harder and carbs are becoming more and more desirable. 

The Only Way is Essex

CATCH Restaurant

147 Queen's Rd,
Buckhurst Hill
With a girly catch up dinner well overdue, we made reservations at a new spot in Essex we had heard a great deal about - CATCH. 

Something Sketchy...

9 Conduit Street
London, W1S 2XG
Overpriced and undercooked.

When dining, it is easy to fall for what psychologists refer to as the ‘Halo Effect’ whereby a positive impression in one area is generalized to an object/person/venues entirety. We very nearly made this mistake with Sketch. 

Taste of Turkey

26 - 28 Grand Palace
Green Lanes
N4 1LG
Last weekend was kick started with a surprise birthday dinner at one of the many restaurants making up North London's very own 'little Turkey’ (Hornsey Green Lanes) - Gokyuzu.

Green Lanes is full of Mediterranean restaurants that, to the uninformed eye all look the same; therefore once you've tried one, you assume you've tried them all.  Having eaten at another restaurant on this same strip, which was mediocre, it was safe to say that expectations were not particularly high.

Stop Forrest Stop!

13 Coventry Street
Leicester Square

Who remembers the days when TGI Fridays was the place to be? Its affordably priced American diner experience with quirky waiting staff had us feeling like it was Friday everyday. Then times changed. More diners opened and the market became rather saturated, its popularity dropped as did the standard of their food. Lets just say, it looks like Bubba Gump Shrimp Co picked up where TGI’s somewhat fell off…

Contact Us...

WordOfMouthLDN are two London based creatives, relentlessly pursuing our dreams and sharing every bite along the way. 

"If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It"

ME London
336-337 The Strand,
London WC2R 1HA
As the saying goes, “If it aint broke, don’t fix it” and Afternoon Tea at ME London is exactly that. With their delicate and seasonal array of sandwiches, teas and sweet treats, it’s hard to stay away.

Ask Me Again in 10 Years

(You probably know the address by now)
So we are back again!

With food produce changing, the authenticity of ingredients evolving and methods of dining revolving left right and centre, it is an incredible achievement for any business to stay relevant, current and of a high quality in this day and age. Yauatcha proudly celebrated their 10 year anniversary recently and they were gracious enough to invite the extended WOM family to the party! 

Yes, darling.. it's all about ME

ME London
336-337 The Strand, 
London WC2R 1HA
Tea for two please? 

Welcomed by the breathtaking pure cream décor and ushered into the futuristic lobby area, the careful yet effortless preparation of our table showed the standards of ME – seamless execution.  

Cake Dates are the Best Dates

(Upstairs Cake Gallery)
15-17 Broadwick Street
London W1F 0DL

It was with great delight but equal anxiety that we accepted the invitation to dine with no other than Executive Pastry Chef of HakkasanGroup, Hakkasan, Yauatcha, HKK and Sake no Hana - Graham Hornigold. 

'I Got 5 On It'

36a Old Town

Comfortably cushioned between a range of brunch spots, cafes and coffee shops, Zumbara entices passer bys with its open plan provincial Asian design. Minimalistic in its decoration, the fresh feel of the restaurant is enhanced by the outdoor seating area which on a sunny day, seamlessly pours into indoor seating sealed off by the solid wooden cocktail bar.

You Greedy Cow!

Greedy Cow
2 Grove Road
London, E3 5AX
Having made some new friends at another Natural Hair Event in East London (held by Mane Divas), it was a prime opportunity to merge our passion for food whilst getting to know new people! 

Greedy Cow is a compact pub/bistro style restaurant with a casual feel, discretely tucked away by Mile End station. 

Christmas Competition!

Foodie Friends, it’s Competition Time!

Our foodie experiences have bought us our best memories and with the festive season upon us, we’ve collaborated with our friends at the Foodies Festival to host a Christmas Competition to share a foodie fun day with you! 

Old Favourites, New Discoveries

Satay Bar
447 Coldharbour Lane
0844 474 6080
This week the schedule was jam packed with seminars attended by Candace and Contributing Editor at TheSubstanceHQ, sports enthusiast and all around creative, Michael. The dynamic duo took their hunger out of the City and into the rural crux of London, Brixton. 

The New York Post

If you are reading this from The Big Apple, or alternatively you are preparing for your visit, the likelihood is that you are stretched for time. For this reason we are going to keep the list short of places you must must must visit, and those you can afford to bypass...

The all-american "Brunch". 

The day after you land due to the time difference (5hours behind London) you can expect to wake up at around 7/8am latest. Once you do, it is time get up and get out! 

Dim Sum and Then Some..

15-17 Broadwick Street.
Soho, London, W1F 0DL
To conclude our day of natural hair antics at ‘Women in The Jungle’, we made our way into Soho to a recommended Oriental Restaurant- Yauatcha. 

Yauatcha, is a contemporary dim sum teahouse located in the heart of London.

The Foodies Festival - You Name It… We Ate It!

Foodies Festival
Clapham Common South

Firstly, let’s all take a few moments to celebrate that the fact that the sun came out! Sunday was the perfect day to head down to the Foodies Festival in Clapham Common, the sun was smiling and so were we…

Catch Ups and Cocktails in The City...

2-4 Boundary Street
E2 7DD
So for this post we thought we would switch it up a bit… Let us know what you think….

To enjoy the beautiful weather Jamelia took the time to catch up with two very talented ladies and the restaurant was just too good to keep to themselves...

So peek what Jamelia, Abena AND Vanessa had to say about 'Boundary Rooftop'.